Hometown Shopping

From From My Window and Other Poem. Pine Hill Press, 2005.

I guess I’m just old-fashioned and I just don’t have a clue
about the modern type of shopping folks nowadays like to do.

And it saddens me that little towns are dying, one by one,
and surmise that “modern shopping” is the cause why they’re undone.

You used to find most anything in little one-horse towns;
now most their stores are empty and the buildings falling down.

And then I stop and wonder: “What caused those towns to die?”
Those little towns had everything you’d ever want to buy.

Folks never heard in cyberspace, they shopped the “Five and Dime”
or hardware store or candy shop where clerks would take the time

to thank you for your business and for sure it’s safe to say
that the goods you bought were made here in the good old U.S.A.

Do you know who you are buying from when you shop in cyberspace?
When your Little League needs sponsors can you call upon their place?

Are they doing us a favor or just taking us for fools
‘cause for sure they don’t pay taxes to support our local schools.

Maybe we should band together to start a “shopping drive”
where we buy goods in hometown stores and help those burgs survive.

If you are wanting something special and you’re really in a bind,
you might shop right at home and be surprised at what you’ll find.

And you’ll find it quite relaxing and will not have far to go,
and this “shopping drive” might play a part to help these towns to grow.

I don’t need a “Cyber Monday” or “Black Friday” shopping spree
‘cause the “Home Town” kind of shopping is the perfect type for me!

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