Felicia Webster

Transcribed from recording of VeRBal GuMBo performance at House of Loom.

See, life has lessons that we all need to learn, and we won’t burn if we are constantly learning the lessons and looking at them as blessings. ‘Cause each and every one of us in each and every day of our lives, there’s something that we need to experience in order to be better and more divine and closer to the one that we call the creator.

But often times, we miss the lesson and we can’t see the blessing because we’re caught up in the drama of what’s happening.

See, lessons teach us how to be better people, how to communicate, how to relate, how to move about in the world when you seem to get lost sometimes.

But if you sit back and just listen to this rhyme, I will guide you through a meditation that will keep you up on your elevation.

‘Cause we often times hold on to things way too long, and see, we never recognize the red flags that go off telling us that this ain’t the right person or maybe I shouldn’t be here or I shouldn’t be taking part in this type of activity.

But we get moved by lust, and we’re embraced by desire, and we find ourselves with the people, places, and things that aren’t so good for us.

And we keep holding on to something that is not moving us faster but slower.

See, when you’re able to let go you recognize that there is an opportunity on the other side of the door that’s been waiting for you. It’s been waiting for you to open the door and stop looking through the peephole. But because somebody looks so good, or the sex is so bad, or the sex is amazing, or if you want to stay ‘cause of the kids, you stick around a little bit longer than you need to.

And all the while, you think everything is good. It’s actually bad. Bad in the sense that it’s depleting your spirit. Bad in the sense that you’re not happy anymore. In order for you to find happiness you delve into things to make you more happy.

That’s why some of us drink a little bit more than the next; and that’s why some of us sext a little bit more than the next; and that’s why some of us get tattoos more than the next, because we’re trying to suppress the pain that we feel inside, and all we have to do is let go and recognize that there’s hurt and not joy ‘cause they can’t coexist in the same space and time.

See, letting go means trusting yourself, trusting in your divine self to move you past this present moment in this space, and knowing that you’re going to be ok

and nobody said it was going to be easy, ‘cause things that are easy sometimes we take for granted. See, it’s easy to pick up your clothes and put them in the hamper, but sometimes people forget, right? And somebody else is cleaning it up.

And it’s easy to say, “thank you,” when somebody holds the door for you, but often times people walk through and never say a damn thing.

So, in life, when you find yourself surrounded by people, places, and things that are no good for you, you have to let… go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go

Go, go, go, go, go

Go, go, go

Go, go, go

Go, go, go….

I’m letting go of the people, places, and things that are no good for me.

I’m letting go of relationships with no reciprocity.

I’m letting go.

Letting go.

I’m letting go.

Letting go.

I’m letting go of things that cause me confusion

Got me running ‘round in circles, feeling so disillusioned.

I’m letting go of negativity, ‘cause that ain’t got no place around me.

I’m letting go of things I can’t control, so I can do what I am told,

that I feel in my heart and deep in my soul.

The other shit, yo, I got to let it go, go, go….

Poem copyright Felicia Webster, used here with permission.

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