Loren Eiseley

Eiseley_UPennLOREN EISELY (1907-1977) was a native of Lincoln, NE. His childhood on the Great Plains served as a formative element in his lifelong fascination with and respect for nature as both a scientist and an author of multiple genres, including nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. His work is defined by his distinctive balance of imaginative elements with observed, scientific details which he acquired from his training in anthropology and geology. For this, he is credited for making science more accessible to a general audience, especially through his essays, of which his collection The Immense Journey (1957) still serves as a representative work. Eiseley published four volumes of poetry during his lifetime: Notes of an Alchemist (1972), The Innocent Assassins (1973), Another Kind of Autumn (1977), and All The Night Wings (1978). In a more recent recovery project, his unpublished works have been collected in The Lost Notebooks of Loren Eiseley (2002).

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